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 Now that Third is no longer with us, this page has become a tribute.

 He reached nearly 17 years old, most of that time with me.  He was the only pet I've ever had, so I was quite attached.

 His unusual personality won over at least two non-cat people, who went on to get cats of their own.

 Share my memories with me.

This is my cat, Third.

He's quite a ham, though not usually for the camera.

He, like all cats, has mastered the art of relaxation.

Sun helps the process.

As does proximity to The One Who Tends.

Any possible place of comfort must be tested.

Sometimes one must make space where one can.

No opportunity can go unexploited.

When The One Who Tends is getting ready for work in the morning, supervision is essential.

Anything being worked on by The One Who Tends must be participated in.

And if The One Who Tends is neglecting certain chores, hints must be dropped.

If it looks like a bed, it's a bed.

If it doesn't look like a bed, it's a bed.

Even The Roommate can pass as a bed in a pinch.

Creativity can be it's own reward.

When horning in on the activities of The Friends of The One Who Tends, show no annoyance.

Don't give them the satisfaction, no matter what.

A rare treat: a visit from his little friend, Skytzo. (On the left)

Skytzo (still on the left) is as easily amused as Third.

Skytzo isn't so little any more. (He's on the left again.)

Here Third is trying to figure out how to get to his favorite vice: ribbon.

Now that he and I have moved into a house, he's ready for visitors on Halloween.

Here he is showing the cookie monster who's boss.

All-in-all a happy life.

By the way, his full name is Spot Rover Guido Kitty the Third. A long name for a long cat.

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